Agro product

Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds : is an excellent source of copper, a very good source of manganese, and a good source of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, molybdenum, vitamin B1, selenium and dietary fiber.

Dried Ginger

Dried Ginger : Ginger is a herb that has tangy taste and aroma. It is used as a spice in cooking and baking. You can also find dried, candied ginger in some types of sweets. Ginger is known for its affects on stomach ailments such as nausea, morning sickness, colic, gas and diarrhea.

Cassia tora

Cassia tora : Cassia tora is also called by the name of " sickle Senna " or Sickle tora etc.. Best origen of this from South-East Asia and the South West Pacific. this is very

Hibiscus Dry Flower

Hibiscus Dry Flower : in Perennial Flower Seeds that grows in full sun as well as partial shade and is endemic to tropical areas.

Cashew Nuts Raw

Cashew Nuts Raw : Raw cashews are a satisfying and nutritious snack. These South American-sourced nuts are high in protein, fiber and healthy fats. We love adding these tasty raw cashews to rice dishes and curries for an extra bite of protein and flavor.

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